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Klemens von Metternich was so dominant a personality that the 19th century has been called the “Age of Metternich.” In particular, he expressed his genius by developing the concept of a “balance of power.”

Born in Austria on this day in 1773, he served in a number of important diplomatic positions before becoming Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1809. His shrewd policies helped bring Austria victory against Napoleon. In the Congress of Vienna that followed this victory, Metternich’s leadership inspired a balance that helped keep Europe out of major wars for almost 100 years.

However, nations became so obsessed with maintaining a balance that Europe became tangled with complex alliances, many formed in secret. Eventually, wars exploded that were more violent than anything Metternich ever imagined. Some have argued that the system he helped create was partially responsible for this carnage.

With the perspective of history, the words of Psalm 2 take on additional significance. Throughout time, nations have entered into conspiracies. Peoples have plotted and planned. Kings have taken their stand. Rulers have sought to gain power and control. Ultimately, they have ended up fighting against God Himself. While they seek to exalt themselves, He has an eternal perspective.

Today, it can seem that the forces of darkness have the advantage. Christians can feel outnumbered and overwhelmed. But the Psalmist reminds us that God is not worried! He sits in the heavens and laughs. He knows man’s limits.

Remember that you can trust God! You may face opposition that seems powerful. Your problems may seem impossible to solve. But you serve the God of all creation, the God of miracles. Stay faithful!