Possessing the Land

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is not enough to say we trust God, but we must trust Him in deed. We must demonstrate this trust by how we live our lives, by the choices we make, and by the way we spend our time. Furthermore, we need to renew our trust in God every day, even moment by moment.

In this passage from Isaiah, God promised two blessings for those who trust Him:

1. Possessing the land. We possess the land (and receive God’s blessings) because we trust in Him and recognize that He has everything under control. Though we may be tempted by the promises of the world, God assures us that His blessings flow when we trust in Him completely.

2. Inheriting His holy mountain. The mountain here symbolizes God’s Kingdom and the wealth of His blessings. All of this is holy, because God Himself is holy, undefiled, and pure.

The mountain also is a place of perspective. From God’s mountaintop, we get a better understanding of where we’ve been and where we’re going. This perspective helps us see life more clearly and enables us to place circumstances, events, and people in context.

The mountain is a place of security and protection. We are safe from the potential attacks of adversaries. We are confident in God, and no one can surprise us. We have an advantage in every situation.

The mountain also represents a firm foundation. Our lives can be built on truths that never change.

All of this is ours…IF we trust in the Lord!

As you examine your life, you can find yourself trusting in your own resources, in your job or bank account, in politicians or governments. Just remember, people will fail you, but God is completely trustworthy. Make a firm commitment to place your trust in Him!