Playing God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Israel had rejected God’s prophets, and would not listen when He spoke. In spite of their history, and all He had done for them, they determined to decide for themselves what to do and believe. And how to justify their decisions.

But they did not realize that this faulty worldview was leading them into disaster.

To illustrate this problem, they had forced Nazirites to drink wine. It did not matter that this violated God’s commands given centuries earlier (Numbers 6:1-3).

At a time when so many failed to treat Him as Sovereign God, He looked for a man who would be faithful. Who could be trusted to believe Him, and deliver His words. The man He chose was Amos.

This unlikely candidate was just a shepherd, with no previous experience as a prophet. But God was demonstrating an important principle: He values faithfulness, and looks for trustworthy servants. People who will trust and obey Him completely.

In spite of what we might think, the Bible reminds us that all of us are flawed, and all our ideas are subjective. We might fool ourselves, but, in fact, how little do we really understand, even about ourselves?

This is why we need to place our faith in God. He is perfect, and has a perfect understanding of each person, and each situation. Moreover, He is sovereign. His Word always is true.

These are critical lessons to remember in your life. Regardless of popular opinion, God’s Word always is true. Regardless of your own desires, His ways always are best. For your own good, it is important to obey and listen to Him. To be a person like Amos, willing to obey Him, regardless of the circumstances or cost, or what others might say.

Make a renewed commitment to obey God. Submit to Him with renewed reverence. Focus on doing His will. Live in His love for you, not that you loved first, but that He first loved you.