A Place of Reflection

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God told Moses the Tabernacle should include a laver of bronze with a “base of bronze.” This was to be located “between the tent of meeting and the altar.” Why this location? There, Aaron and his sons were to wash themselves, so they would be clean when they entered His Presence. This was serious, for if they failed to be clean, they would die (Exodus 30:17-21). They needed to realize that God is pure and holy.

Later, God revealed that the laver should be made from mirrors. Why? Just think about mirrors. They give us new perspective on our lives. They help us look at ourselves more objectively and recognize blemishes that need to be corrected. They help us understand how we’re seen by others and by God.

God didn’t want the priests to take a quick look and assume they were pure enough. The mirrors made this laver a place of reflection—a place to think about their lives and everything they had thought, said, and done. The mirrors enabled them to make sure they were truly clean.

This is a picture of how God wants us to approach Him. He wants us to look deeply into our lives, to stop and reflect, to ponder and think, to pray and be serious!
Today, don’t take God for granted. Spend time in reflection. Think about your life. Seek to be clean in His sight—not just from obvious things, but also from subtle habits, secret thoughts, private sins, things ingrained in your character, your present and past.

Remember: God sees all these things and more. And remember that He is Holy!