Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

If we based our lives based on the claims of advertisers, we might think their products are “perfect.” If we based our lives on the promises of politicians, we might think they have all the answers. If we totally trusted the recommendations of experts, we might think they are always correct.

But, human experience demonstrates that none of these conclusions is true. As the Psalmist realized “all [human] perfection has its limits.”

This is why we must focus on God. In calling His Word “perfect,” the Psalmist used a Hebrew word (used for the only time in the Bible) that means being complete. The idea is that many in the world promise perfect answers but the reality is that every human solution has limits.

In contrast, God’s Word is complete and “broad.” It applies to every situation, at every stage of life. Circumstances may change but His principles always work. Here He shows us how to live. How to succeed and be healthy. How to solve problems and make decisions.

Regardless how “perfect” our plans may seem, they remain confined within definite limits. The wise person understands these limits and seeks God’s “exceedingly broad” commandments. In them, we have infinite possibilities and wisdom.

His Word applies to every possible situation. It provides us with principles that apply in business and our personal lives. It can help in our relationships and finances. It can give us new levels of understanding and open our minds to new possibilities. And it can solve what can seem like unsolvable problems.

Today, don’t limit God. Read and study His Word. Look for His principles, and seek to apply them. Let Him show you how He can change your life, and solve your problems.