Perfected Love

Perfected Love

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Thinking about love, we often picture a powerful emotion, a strong attraction. But the Bible’s concept is deeper. It’s an attitude of selflessness and an overwhelming commitment. It inspires us to trust God without reservation. We need to develop an intimate relationship with Him, so we believe Him without question or fear.

If we love God, we will be confident that He loves us, always wants the best for us, and has a plan for our lives.

But the flow of this love can be blocked by fear. Fear indicates that we don’t trust God completely. We can lose sight of His love and be overwhelmed by doubt, worry, or uncertainty. The antidote is to develop a relationship with God characterized by love. Seek to perfect that love in our lives.

Unconditional, confident love impacts our relationship with Him and our lives. If we truly love Him, we will serve Him and delight to obey Him. We will desire to know Him more intimately. Overflowing with love, we can be confident that we have nothing to fear. We simply know that He loves us. We trust Him.

Do you find fear creeping into your heart? Turn to God and commit the situations you face to Him. Surrender everything to Him. Be renewed by His presence. Ponder this inescapable truth: He really does love you. And because of that love, He sent Jesus into this world! For you!