Perfect Liberty

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Adam Smith died on this day in 1790. His classic book, The Wealth of Nations, was the first comprehensive system of political economy. In fact, more than 200 years after his death, he remains a towering figure in economic thought.

Smith felt that the best economic system was one in which the government did not interfere. His system became known as laissez-faire capitalism. Smith called it the system of “perfect liberty.”

Throughout the years, Smith’s theories have been debated. Many have remained passionate supporters; others have disagreed. But in Smith’s time and our own, one truth remains: In spiritual terms, there is only ONE source of perfect liberty—the presence of God’s Spirit in our lives.

Yet many in the world are deceived. They chase after illusions and try in vain to solve problems through economics or politics, social change or military conquest. The Bible tells us that a veil covers their hearts and minds. They can’t see the true source of freedom.

The Bible tells us that those who “stubbornly follow their own desires” cannot receive God’s liberty. Instead, this freedom is given to all who commit their lives to Him, whose lives are filled and controlled by His Spirit.

Today, ask God to take away any veil that might blind you and keep you from receiving His blessings. Totally commit your life to Him, and ask Him to fill you with His Spirit. He will give you true liberty!