Overcoming through Perseverance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many consider Winston Churchill the greatest man of the 20th century. But Churchill, who was born on this day in 1874, had to overcome considerable obstacles to achieve this distinction.

Churchill became known for eloquent speeches, but few knew how hard he had to work to prepare these speeches. As a man who stammered, it hardly seemed likely that he ever would be considered articulate. Yet he practiced tirelessly until his speeches seemed completely natural. He polished his words, seeking to give them maximum impact.

The descendant of a long line of British leaders, as a young man he rose quickly to prominence and entered the British cabinet during World War I. But he made many mistakes along the way, notably sponsoring the disastrous Gallipoli campaign. After these setbacks, few thought he ever would return to leadership.

However, Churchill later was one of the few who recognized the threat posed by Hitler. Then, in the dark days of World War II, he became Prime Minister and led his people to victory against overwhelming odds.

Many people face the kind of rejection Churchill experienced but don’t believe that God still can use them. Others encounter obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. But the Bible tells us that we are to persevere under trial, refusing to give in or give up.

We need faith to believe that God can use every part of our life: our failures and successes, experiences and relationships, resources and abilities. But first we need to commit everything to Him. And then we must practice perseverance, not giving up when we face difficulties.

Today, let Him use your life for His Kingdom. Believe Him for victory over every obstacle you face.