Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

God wanted the best for His people. He taught them His ways and gave them His Word. He sent prophets and priests to guide them. He provided for them. He delivered them and protected them. He even warned them when they made mistakes and bad decisions.

When trouble was ahead, He sent guards to alert them, crying, “Listen for the sound of the alarm” (v. 17). But in spite of these warnings, they refused to listen and continued to reject His Word. They might have been intentionally defiant, or they might not have realized the mistakes they were making.

Yet He continued to reach out to them, hoping they would change and listen. One way He warned them was by putting “obstacles” in their paths. These could have been people or events, various things that might have interrupted their activities and forced them to stop and think. In Jeremiah’s time, nothing seemed to work. Sadly, God’s people continued to ignore His warnings. They continued to make mistakes and go in the wrong direction.

God has used this same pattern with people in other times. He continues to use this pattern today. We may experience unexpected delays. We might find ourselves being interrupted. Our paths may be blocked.

We need to turn to God to see if He is trying to get our attention in these moments. We need to pray and seek His face.