Nothing Without God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Before he was called by God, Gideon was just an average man with no special skills. He was not particularly brave or talented. Like other Israelites, he primarily was concerned about the threats of the Midianites, just trying to hide grain from them.

But everything changed when he responded to God’s call. Empowered by His Spirit, Gideon was transformed into a “mighty hero.” The leader of his people. Because the Lord was with him, he destroyed the altars of Baal and became a shrewd commander, employing revolutionary strategies to win battles.

But he only was successful because God was with him, and because he responded to His call, listened to God, and completely depended on Him, carefully following His directions.

His only problems occurred when he started focusing on himself and stopped depending on God. When he began to take his successes personally and go his own way.

All of us need to remember these mistakes, and realize that we owe everything to God. All our abilities and resources. Our gifts and talents. Our thoughts and plans. None of us has any reason to boast, be proud, or take credit. No matter what we might have accomplished in our lives, what rewards or recognition we might have received,

Ultimately, we need to remember that we only are God’s servants. Stewards of the resources He provides us.

Today, remember that you owe everything to God. Like Gideon, you will find maximum impact and fulfillment as you surrender your life to Him. When you let Him direct your life, and serve Him faithfully. Offer yourself as a living sacrifice, dedicated to serving Him, always giving Him all the glory.