Nothing More to Say

Nothing More to Say

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Responding to a series of serious problems, Job had said many things about his own life and the world in general. He talked about the problems he had faced, the conclusions reached by his friends, and God.

But everything changed when he had a personal, humbling encounter with God. No longer just declaring his opinions, Job learned the truth and gained a fresh perspective from God Himself. Reflecting on what God said, Job realized that he was “nothing.” Thinking about his own words, he realized that he had “nothing more to say.” This must have been a profound moment.

Each of us can find ourselves, like Job, eager to speak, ready to defend ourselves, share our feelings, and justify our actions. We’re prepared, if necessary, to criticize others. But everything comes into a clearer perspective when we enter God’s presence. The Bible describes how this experience can be humbling and how our attitudes can change when words no longer seem adequate.

We see this impact in the experience of the prophet who wrote, “The Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the earth be silent before Him” (Habakkuk 2:20 NASB).

This is the kind of silence that results from an encounter with Almighty God when we grasp His greatness and mercy, when we think about how much we owe Him, and when we realize just how unworthy we are. Today, thank Him. Worship Him.