Never Outnumbered

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

No person stood with Elijah on Mount Carmel. He was the only prophet who served God. And his opposition had overwhelming advantages. In fact, he faced 450 prophets of Baal. These seemed like impossible odds. It would have been easy to feel discouraged or afraid. But He had faith in God, who was not awed by these numbers. Through faith in Him, Elijah defeated these false prophets.

As human beings, we naturally are influenced by numbers. The giants in the world can seem to have all the advantages. We easily can feel intimidated by companies with huge resources or nations with mighty armies. We can feel in awe of people with large bank accounts. If we are opposed by a vocal adversary, we can become discouraged and feel hopeless.

But the Bible helps us realize the limits of our human observations and of depending on human resources. We need to remember that God looks at the world in completely different ways. He is not intimidated by any army. With Him, no situation is hopeless. He never feels outnumbered, no matter how strong the opposition may appear to be.

God’s strength and power cannot be measured in human terms. All He needs is for one person to believe Him, and His power becomes fully accessible. Whether we are opposed by 450 or 450 million, there is no difference to Him. He seeks people who believe this truth and put their faith into action. People who will dedicate their lives and resources to Him.

In your life, seek to obey God and trust in Him, regardless of the size of the opponent, or the advantage they may have. If you believe and trust Him, you will be in the majority in every situation. With Him, nothing is impossible!