Miracles in the Desert

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Imagine if you were Moses! He had just led the Israelites out of Egypt. They were in a wilderness with no permanent home, surrounded by potential adversaries. Just thinking about their daily needs could have been a monumental burden.

Then God gave Moses specific directions regarding the tabernacle and its furniture. How did Moses react?

God’s demands could have seemed unrealistic and impossible. They were to use specific types of wood and large quantities of gold to build everything to exacting specifications. How easy it would have been to question God, cut corners, and compromise. Yet in spite of constant obstacles, the tabernacle was completed in just a few months, exactly the way God had designed it.

God showed His approval by covering the tent with the cloud. His presence was so overwhelming that Moses could not even enter the building.

Through this response, God was demonstrating how He responds to those who believe Him, trust Him, and obey His Word. These are people who realize that He has given us the principles by which we should live. People who refuse to compromise, but remain committed to obey Him and follow His blueprint for living.

We see through the example here that God is ready abundantly to bless those who believe and obey Him.

The Bible assures us that God is ready to extend these same blessings for you. If you have the faith and courage to believe that His Word is true. If you will follow the patterns He has established and do things His way. If you will commit your life, without reservation, to serve Him and please Him.