Memories of Blessings Past

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For 150 years, it served as a landmark. The center of the community. The Lanyon Evangelical Covenant Church had been founded in 1877 by Swedish immigrants, becoming the center of spiritual life for these families. It was a meeting place. A place to worship and study. To fellowship and evangelize.

But more than just a church, the building itself became a beacon. Rising from the vast, seemingly endless farmland in central Iowa, it reminded everyone for miles around that God was with them. That they could turn to Him, and trust Him through storms and harvests, droughts and floods.

The church was a constant reminder of the faith that sustained believers. It was a reminder of times of prayer, weddings, births, deaths, and the constant rhythm of life. It was a message to skeptics and non-believers that many had found something tangible and real. Answers to life’s questions.

The sermons heard here may not have been studied in seminaries. Yet they arose from the soil of men’s souls, and provided practical, Godly counsel.

But gradually things changed. Many in younger generations left the farming life. Advances in transportation made travel easier, reducing the need for a community-centered church. Attendance dwindled, until church leaders made the tough decision: To disband, and tear down the building.

The decision inspired memories and testimonies. A reminder of a rich history.

But this also was a sober reminder for people everywhere. To be grateful for the places and people who have been special to us. To cherish memories. To take nothing for granted. To remember that everything in this world is passing away. And, ultimately, to place our faith in God, remembering that He is timeless, and beyond trends.

Churches may close. Geographical patterns and customs may change. Traditions may rise, and fade away. But God stands true forever.