Lured into Temptation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

After spending most of his life faithfully serving God, David committed a wave of sins: Adultery. Murder. Lying. Manipulating. He was willing to do anything to hide his sin and protect his reputation. The Bible points to two events that were key turning points.

First, David abandoned his post at the head of the army. Instead of going into battle as he had in the past, David for some reason decided to stay in Jerusalem. There, while he was at ease, he let down his guard and became vulnerable to temptation.

Second, he saw Bathsheba. As Jesus taught, David actually was committing adultery when he looked at her with lust in his heart (Matthew 5:27-28).

How did David react to this moment of temptation? There is no evidence he prayed or turned to God. No. He seemed bent on allowing the desires of his flesh to overcome him. He chose to enjoy a moment of pleasure, not thinking about the consequences. Yet David paid for his indiscretion for the rest of his life.

David’s fall demonstrates how easily we can be lured into temptation. What happened to him can happen to anyone—to you.

Stay vigilant in serving God. Remain focused on His calling. Don’t let down your guard. Remember, you will face temptations. But if you turn to Him, God will help you overcome. He is with you, all the time. Develop a more intimate relationship with Him. Fill your life with His Word. And be careful what you allow into your heart and mind.