Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Traditionally, loyalty has been foundational in many cultures. This has been expressed in a commitment to homelands, family heritage, special friendships, and schools.

Many have been loyal to particular brands and stores. Knowing this dedication, retailers could count on loyal customers to drive sales. But increasingly consumers are abandoning this commitment. In fact, more people are no longer motivated by loyalty and primarily are concerned with doing what they feel is best at the moment, regardless of past experiences.

These results were confirmed by a recent study that revealed “only 8% of global consumers are loyal to the brands and products they’ve always bought.” Researchers concluded that these changes had “staggering” implications.

With many consumers no longer motivated by loyalty, the market is being flooded with new products. And many established brands are in trouble. These tendencies can be seen throughout society. They are apparent in interpersonal relationships and other areas of life.

This also has been applied in the realm of faith. More people reject the beliefs handed down by previous generations and adopt attitudes and behavior once considered unacceptable. The Bible reminds us that loyalty is important in our relationships with others and God. He promises to protect “those who are loyal to him” (Psalm 31:23). And Jesus praised those who “remained loyal” (Revelation 2:13).

In your life, remember the importance of loyalty. Those who are loyal are trustworthy, reliable, and ready for greater blessings.