Love for the Lonely

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In his recent book about the American frontier in the 19th century, author Louis Fairchild describes the loneliness of many who settled in Texas. The vast plains stretched far beyond the horizon. While land was plentiful, many lived in relative isolation, overwhelmed and alone. In 1880, when the first census was taken of the Texas panhandle, a total of only 1,600 people were counted in one 25,000 square mile region. In fact, six counties had no inhabitants at all.

Settlers could spend months without seeing anyone outside of their own families. Yet they readily welcomed visitors and were eager for the opportunity to show hospitality. They willingly shared their food, clothing, and even shelter.

In this atmosphere, many found relief by turning to God, who was with them even when no one else was there. They longed to gather together to worship God, study His Word, and have Christian fellowship. On many occasions, revivals broke out even in these vast plains.

In our modern world, it’s often hard to realize that loneliness still is a major problem. We can escape into our own homes, ignorant of the pains that others are suffering behind closed doors. We may try to fill the silences with TV or radio programs. We may listen to music or interact through phone calls, text messages, or email. But our hearts may still crave Christian fellowship and the love of Christ.

Today, ask God to help you be sensitive to the needs of people around you. Be ready to reach out, give a word of encouragement, and show His love. Let Him use you to change lives.
Also, remember not to crowd Him out of your schedule. Spend time alone with Him! Develop a more intimate relationship with Him—right where you are!