A Long and Satisfying Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When do our lives stop being productive? Some people, feeling the impact of aging, simply give up, feeling that they can’t be useful. Some allow their gifts to atrophy, no longer applying their abilities. But recent research demonstrated that our lives can be productive long after we “retire,” and no matter what our age.

This study examined the experience of thousands of people over more than a hundred years. All had achieved significant levels of success particularly when they were young. However, as they aged, some stopped trying. Some became discouraged, or just didn’t feel useful or appreciated. But others remained active, and, as a result, continued to make important contributions, even in their older years.

The report demonstrated that a person’s productivity had “nothing to do with their age.” The key was their attitude. As one researcher concluded, “The bottom line is: Brother, never give up. When you give up, that’s when your creativity ends.”

The Bible tells us that God can use us at any age. Consider Abraham who “lived a long and satisfying life.” Even as an older man, he continued to be productive. In every stage of life, we are reminded of Biblical principles. That God can renew our strength (Isaiah 40:31). That He can provide for all our needs.

Today, stay focused on God’s call on your life. Pause to think about where God has placed you. Your potential, right now. The people He has brought into your life. The ideas he has given you. The opportunities to minister to others. To be a prayer warrior. To give of your financial resources. To teach or encourage.

Don’t give up. In all things, seek to stay faithful. Confident that, with His blessing and anointing, God can use you.