A Life of Integrity

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Niccolò Machiavelli has become a symbol of expediency, of a life in which people do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. His writings have inspired many dictators and callous business practices. Believing that the end justifies the means, his writings are filled with a cold-blooded ruthlessness.

Machiavelli wrote, “Men must either be caressed or else annihilated.” He encouraged leaders to be careful before extending help: “Whoever is the cause of another becoming powerful, is ruined himself.” He warned against appearing to be too merciful, and said leaders “must not mind incurring the charge of cruelty” if they feel it is necessary.

Today, many people live according to Machiavellian principles. However, the Bible provides a different worldview: God is the Creator, and He established the world with eternal standards. Also, the Bible teaches that God promises consequences for our actions…we Reap what we Sow.

In Psalm 15, David revealed a way of living that centers on God…one that allows us to abide in His tent and dwell on His holy hill. People who follow this way of living walk with integrity, choosing to do the right thing, without compromising. Such people are honorable, trustworthy, faithful, and responsible. They speak truth and don’t lie, deceive, or gossip. They refuse to believe that the end justifies the means. They despise evil, seek to serve God, and cannot be bribed or bought!

Today, seek to abide with God. Enter into His Presence and spend time in fellowship with Him. Be committed to His Kingdom, and choose to live according to His principles. He promises great rewards when you do! You’ll have the joy of intimate fellowship with Him, and you will “never be shaken” (v. 5).