Let All the World Sing!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

“All the earth will worship You, and will sing praises to You; they will sing praises to Your name.” Psalm 66:4 NASB

Even as a boy, George Herbert impressed others with his spirit. It was said that he seemed “marked out for piety, and to become the care of heaven.” When he was fifteen, he was described as being “perfect in the learned languages, and especially the Greek tongue.”

Born in 1661, Hebert went on to attend Trinity College at Cambridge, England. When he was appointed the school’s public orator, it became his duty to give speeches—in Latin—to visiting dignitaries. At one time, it was thought he was destined for a career in politics, but instead became a minister.

Throughout his life he also wrote many poems. Shortly before he died, Herbert entrusted a manuscript of poetry to a friend, telling him how in these pages he would find “a picture of the many spiritual conflicts that have passed betwixt God and my soul.” But his goal had been to serve “the will of Jesus my master,” in whose service he found “perfect freedom.”

A master musician, Herbert wrote many hymns. One of his most glorious compositions was called “Let All the World in Every Corner Sing.” This was an “antiphon,” to be sung by two groups (as well as a soloist and the congregation).

Herbert wanted listeners to visualize all of creation being filled with praise: “The heavens are not too high, His praise may thither fly, the earth is not too low, His praises there may grow.” God’s people are to respond with loud praise: “The church with psalms must shout, no door can keep them out; but, above all, the heart must bear the longest part.” The refrain continued to resound, “Let all the world in every corner sing, my God and king!”

In your life, join with all creation. Praise the Lord! Worship Him! Sing His praises!


Prayer: Father, I praise and worship You. Thank You for all that You have done for me. Thank You that Your Word is true. May my life bring You glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.