Knowing the Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For the early church, the Holy Spirit was not a theological concept, or something vague and mysterious. The Spirit was central to their lives. He was active as their guide and teacher, constantly confirming the reality of their faith.

His presence was seen and felt in tangible ways. This was not an emotional experience or a theory but something very real (Acts 8:17-18). The Spirit spoke to them with a clarity that was unmistakable; they knew His voice (Acts 10:19).

The Spirit changed their lives so dramatically that they became like different people. With His presence, they were not hesitant but confident. He interacted with them in supernatural ways (Acts 8:39). He warned them (Act 16:6). He enabled men who were uncertain to become bold and decisive. He transformed their speech, so they spoke with authority (Acts 6:10).

It was clear that not everyone had this level of confidence in the Spirit, or awareness and sensitivity. The Bible describes several transformational moments when lives changed: When they were gathered together in prayer (Acts 4:31). When apostles laid hands on believers (Acts 19:6). When the Spirit “fell.”

It is no wonder why the disciples stressed the Spirit in their missionary journeys, and why their letters were filled with references to the Spirit. They knew how important He was!

These principles still are true. The Holy Spirit is as real today as He was in the first century. His power and presence still are as important. He still can speak to us. Empower us. Change us. Give us a confidence. Do supernatural things through us.