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In June 1862, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was leading his men on a march in western Virginia. A portion of his troops was in turmoil as men, wagons, and horses had become tangled in chaos.

According to historian Shelby Foote, Jackson told the brigade commander, Richard Ewell, “Why do you not get your brigade together, keep it together, and move on?” Ewell responded, “It’s impossible, General. I can’t do it.”

“Don’t say it’s impossible!” rebuked Jackson. “Turn your command over to the next officer. If he can’t do it, I’ll find someone who can, if I have to take him from the ranks.” Motivated by the confrontation, Ewell found a way to achieve what he had deemed “impossible,” and the problems were solved.

Many people allow confusion and doubt to dominate their lives. They look at the problems they face and expect defeat. They even can allow doubt to enter their relationship with God. They don’t realize that with Him nothing is impossible. As a result, many problems remain unsolved, and the believer experiences defeat instead of victory.

What problems do you consider impossible? The Bible reminds us that nothing is impossible with God. He can do anything.

Step out in faith, and trust God for the answers, the resources, and the wisdom you need. Don’t let your life be dominated by doubt and discouragement. Put His Word into practice. Trust Him. Be bold, and expect victory!