I Have a Friend

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As a young man growing up in Sweden, Carl Rosenius realized that many of his countrymen did not have a personal relationship with Jesus, but treated their beliefs as a religious obligation—even a political necessity.

Although never ordained, Rosenius became a lay preacher. And for more than 25 years, he edited a widely-read monthly publication that stressed the importance of faith.

He also impacted lives by writing hymns. We see the truth that had become so clear to him in, “I have a Friend,” a hymn he wrote in 1851.

Describing how Jesus had changed his life, he wrote, “I have a friend, so patient, kind, forbearing.” Even though he was “weak and sinful,” Rosenius was blessed, knowing the love and mercy of Jesus.

But more than just a friend, Jesus was “my Lord.” His very name was “most blessed” and “He loves more tenderly than any mother.” To be able to “rest in Him is more than wealth and fame.”

His soul had been “poor and wretched,” but Jesus had freed him completely “from condemnation, death, and hell.” No longer hounded by the enemy, he knew that Jesus had “crushed completely … the old and bitter foe.” Now, his soul could “rejoice and sing, for all is well!”

He knew that he was redeemed and that Jesus’ blood had cleansed him “from all my guilt and shame.” His heart was filled with hallelujahs. How wonderful to tell the story of all Jesus had done for him! He would praise Him here and now but also “forevermore in glory, before His throne with all the saints on high.”

What is your relationship with Jesus? Is He just a figure from history? Or is He your Savior? Your Friend?