How You Walk

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Every day, we watch people, often evaluating them based just on our observations. What can we grasp from their demeanor? Their countenance? Even the way they walk?

This is more than just a point of curiosity. Research has proven that much can be discerned just from a person’s walk. How we walk communicates much about our personality and attitude. It telegraphs if we are confident or tentative, stressed or relaxed, happy or sad.

In fact, studies have proven that much can be predicted about people just based on their body movements. Observing how we walk can indicate if we are extraverts or introverts.

A study of college students revealed that most develop opinions about other students on the first day of class, exclusively based on observations. And, to a surprising extent, most of these initial conclusions proved to be correct. Other studies have demonstrated how many students assess their teachers based on their physical movements. Again, most of these judgments were proven to fairly accurate.

The Bible reminds us that other people watch the way we live, and even how we walk. They listen to our words and evaluate our movements. All of these factors are central parts of our testimony, and opportunities to demonstrate that Jesus has changed our lives.

These are elements that we cannot fake but genuine expressions of our heart. If our lives truly have been transformed by the Gospel, the difference should be evident for all to see.

Remember that Jesus came not to teach a new philosophy but to change lives. Not just to make you a better person but a new creation. As you surrender your life to Him, He can impact everything about you: The expression on your face. The words you speak. Even how you walk.