How We Communicate

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“The face is the organ of expression,” concludes an expert in body language. In his advice to celebrities, politicians, and business leaders, he teaches that “there are many things we do with our faces that we aren’t even aware of.”

He explains how much can be learned by studying expressions. Emotions can be detected by just the movement of the forehead or eyebrows. Much can also be concluded from the way people walk and stand; we can discern when people are telling the truth or being deceptive.

Using similar skills, Artaxerxes knew something was wrong with Nehemiah. The condition of his heart was expressed on his face.

The fact is that God made us to be interconnected beings. Our bodies are intertwined with our emotions and thoughts. Others can learn a great deal about us just by watching us and studying our gestures. Our faces can communicate the condition of our hearts and telegraph whether we are at peace or in turmoil, calm or worried, confident or insecure.

Although some can mask their intentions for a time, eventually their true conditions come pouring forth…in their body language, expressions, and countenance.

Today, remember that you are communicating through every part of your life—your words and clothes, your expressions and gestures, your smiles and frowns. Remember all the ways you impact others. Ask God to help you let your light shine brightly through everything you do (Matthew 5:16).

Keep this principle in mind when interacting with others. Seek to be sensitive to what they communicate through their words, deeds, gestures, emotions, and countenance. Then let the Holy Spirit lead you to minister to them.