How We Ask

How We Ask

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bible is clear: God wants to meet our needs and answer our prayers. Many believers have heard these promises yet aren’t confident they are true. Many people are puzzled when they don’t receive whatever they ask in prayer as Jesus taught us to expect (Matthew 21:22).

To understand these issues, we must remember that the Bible emphasizes the heart. We see how prayers can be blocked when our motives are wrong. Prayers go unanswered when we are selfish and only seek what gives us momentary pleasures.

We should instead focus on foundational issues. Seek a stronger relationship with God. Realize that He promises to meet our needs as we seek first His Kingdom. Our prayers become more powerful as we take up our cross daily to follow Jesus, die to self, and do His will. We need to repent of our sins, so we can be clean in His sight.

Equipped with the right attitude, our prayers will line up with His will. We are not afraid to make bold requests. We can be confident in our relationship with Him, sure that our priorities are right.

How are you approaching God? Start by cultivating a more intimate relationship with Him. Spend time in prayer. Read His Word. Listen to His voice. As you grow closer to Him, you can approach Him with confidence and faith about your needs, problems, or anything.