Hope for Hopeless Situations

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus “felt compassion” for this widow. He was moved as He saw her weeping over the dead body of her only son. To her and to those who carried the body, all hope seemed to be gone. But Jesus knew that death provided no barrier for Him. He spoke, and life returned to the boy’s body. The mother’s grief was turned into overwhelming joy.

Throughout His ministry, Jesus demonstrated this same kind of special concern when friends or family brought their sick to Him and when He saw others who were suffering.

The Bible gives us many pictures of His heart of compassion. We see Him ready to intervene in situations that seemed hopeless, in the lives of people who faced serious illnesses. In every situation, Jesus cares! He is ready to heal, to touch, and to perform miracles!

Today, do you have friends or family members who face special challenges? Situations that seem hopeless? Remember that Jesus knows what they’re going through. He cares for those who face financial pressures, who carry burdens, who have broken relationships.

Don’t be afraid to tell Him about their needs, their hurts, struggles, and burdens. He cares for you and for those whom you care about—for all who have needs.

Right now, His power is available to heal, to comfort the brokenhearted, and to help the Lost find their way. Call on Him right now. He is your compassionate Savior, Healer, and Lord.