Hope for Friends & Family

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In an email to Inspiration Ministries, a woman wrote that as she looked back at her life, she realized she hadn’t been walking with the Lord. Yet her grandmother had introduced the woman to Jesus when she was just a young child, and she “Sowed many Seeds of faith.”

Watching a recent broadcast of CAMPMEETING, this woman rededicated her life to Jesus. CAMPMEETING sparked a New Beginning in her life, and God honored the Seeds Sown through the prayers and life of her grandmother, who had since died.

Inspiration Ministries receives many moving prayer requests from burdened parents and grandparents who are worried about their children and grandchildren. Some of these children are living in rebellion, far from the Lord. Some have never committed their lives to God.

Others struggle with their direction in life, finances, decisions, or relationships. These situations can seem hopeless, but we must remember that God is faithful. Though it may take years, He never forgets our prayers for loved ones.

We see the compassion of Jesus in action when He saw a mother weeping over her son who had died. He merely spoke a word, and the boy came to life!

Today, are you burdened for a son or daughter or someone else you know? God sees your heart. He knows what you—and the person you care about—are going through.

Remember to be an example and Sow Seeds of kindness into the lives of those who need Jesus. Ask Him to touch them. Call on Him right now. He is still transforming lives today!