Hope and Light

Hope and Light

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Looking at life, Edward Munch found himself reacting with a scream. Born on this day in Norway in 1863, Munch had a troubled childhood, punctuated by the death of his mother when he was young. Munch himself suffered from frequent illnesses. Then, as an adult, he battled alcoholism and depression, developing a bleak view of the world.

As one critic described him, he became “anguished, restless, high-strung, and desolate.” He learned to express these inner thoughts and emotions through art. With the skills of a master, his paintings focused on dark themes with titles such as “Sickness and Death” and “Death in the Sick Room.” His most celebrated painting was called “The Scream,” a project he worked on for 50 years.

The distinctive approach he brought to art helped Munch become world famous. Yet the darkness of his themes leaves even admirers with a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

Many people have similar reactions to life. They see a world filled with problems, and develop a feeling of hopelessness and despair. Their hearts are dominated by darkness, and they sense no joy or ultimate purpose for existence.

But believers have the opportunity to experience life in new ways, thanks to Jesus. He came to bring hope. To replace darkness with light. To give us an eternal destiny. To forgive our sins and give us new life. To help us live by faith, always having childlike trust in our Father.

Don’t allow your life to be dark or filled with discouragement. And don’t give in to fears and feelings of hopelessness. Renew your relationship with Jesus. Praise Him. Thank Him. Trust Him. Give Him your burdens, and let Him give you meaning and direction. Find hope and light in Him.