His Strength

His Strength

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

As human beings, we often spend much of our lives trying to prove our value. We continually try to measure up. This pressure leads to stress and anxiety because we often fall short. We feel as if we are never good enough. We feel as if we need to try harder.

What is the answer? Consider what Paul discovered. He wanted to change things about his life. Specifically, he was given “a thorn in [his] flesh” (v. 7). But despite his requests, God would not take it away. Why? He wanted to keep Paul “from becoming proud” (v. 7).

Paul was learning the importance of depending on God. We realize that we are strongest when we recognize our weaknesses and depend on Him to overcome them. Then, His unlimited power can work through us. Then, we can have access to His supernatural wisdom.

When we realize that we owe everything to Him, this is the conclusion. We realize our human resources are flawed and inadequate. We remember that He is ready to provide everything we need. And He is ready to give us more as we surrender to Him.

How are you facing the burdens in your life? Turn them over to God. Commit your life to Him! Seek His wisdom, His strength, His ideas, and His blessings. Don’t hang on to your burdens. Trust in Him.