Hidden Sins

Hidden Sins

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God gave Ezekiel a vision of a court where there was a hole in the wall. He told the prophet to “dig through the wall.” When he did, he found an entrance, through which Ezekiel could enter and see “the wicked abominations” the people were committing.

The elaborate procedure Ezekiel went through demonstrated the degree to which the people had tried to hide their actions. They seemed to know that they had been committing sins, that God would not be pleased. But they thought they could cover up their actions. That no one would be able to see what they had done.

They failed to realize that God saw everything they did. He knew every thought. Every action. And He knew the many ways they had tried to conceal their true nature. What they really had done. They could not hide from Him.

Many people, even today, have this attitude toward sin. They assume that they can live any way they want, and think that they can do whatever they want to do as long as others don’t know about their actions. But they forget that God knows what they do and what they think. And He can reveal all their secrets to others at His convenience.

In your life, seek to focus on your relationship with God. Seek to be pure in His sight. Ask for His help in avoiding evil and sin. Don’t run away or try to hide. Remember that He knows every secret. Every thought. Be honest with Him. And seek to be clean in His sight.