God’s Utopia

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Imagine a perfect world, a world without problems. Many have dreamed of such a place. Thomas More was one of those people.

Born in 1478, More became a leader in the church and government of England. As Lord Chancellor, he resigned because he opposed King Henry VIII’s plan to annul his marriage to Queen Catherine of Aragon. In 1535, More was beheaded after refusing to acknowledge Henry as head of the Church of England (which Henry had established).

More demonstrated his interest in this ideal world in 1516 by writing a treatise called “Utopia.” The title was a word he invented, which literally meant “nonexistent place.” For him, “utopia” was an ideal society, where there was justice and equality for all citizens.

Encarta® World English Dictionary defines “utopia” as “an ideal and perfect place or state, where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best.” But More never found that utopia, and neither has anyone else.

In fact, the Bible says there is no perfect place or state here on earth. None of our human efforts can make us right with God or bring us perfect joy, peace, and fulfillment. We all need God in our lives.

Jesus said that we cannot depend on our flesh, because “flesh gives birth to flesh.” In fact, we cannot enter God’s Kingdom until we are “born of water and the Spirit.” We need the Spirit of God, for only “the Spirit gives birth to spirit.”

In your life, seek to be God’s servant, an instrument of His peace. Commit to justice and purity. Always remember to place your faith and trust in God. Focus on His Kingdom, and surrender to His Spirit.