God’s Strategy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul described Timothy’s calling in military terms. In fact, he had been prepared and called to “wage the good warfare.” Paul used a Greek word related to the English word strategy that was used to describe how soldiers were prepared for battle.

Timothy needed to understand that his mission was serious. In fact, he faced a real enemy and was engaged in a real war.

As an active a soldier in God’s army, he had been prepared and ready for life’s challenges. But he needed a strategy. And he needed to realize that he was charged with leading others into battle, just as a military commander leads his troops.

This was not just any war. This was “good warfare.” The Greek word tells us that this was a good and important cause.

Each of us is called to be a soldier in God’s army. We must remember our need to be prepared, trained, and equipped to serve Him, to “wage the good warfare.” We need to use the resources we have been given in the right way
at the right time. We need people with us who will fight in keeping with the strategies of our Commander in Chief.

Make sure that you take this battle seriously. Submit to the direction of our Commander, the Lord Jesus. Follow His leading. Listen to His voice. As a soldier in God’s army, dedicate yourself to waging this good warfare.