God’s Plumb Line

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Amos was a faithful messenger who delivered God’s words to His people. The message God gave was that judgment was coming to Israel unless they repented — unless they changed.

Yet as he delivered this message, Amos felt compassion. He pleaded with God to spare them. As a result, “the Lord changed His mind.” Later, when God sent a fire which “began to consume the farm land,” Amos cried again to God. Once again, “the Lord changed His mind.”

While demonstrating that He was a God of mercy, He also needed Israel to understand that some things could not be negotiated. He had eternal standards that always were true. He showed this principle by using the plumb line. This was a cord with a weight that was used to keep a wall perfectly perpendicular.

Some people wanted God to forgive them no matter what they did, and to do nothing when they violated His laws. But God used this plumb line to teach Amos that His principles and laws could not change. That these were the foundations of creation. That everything in life needed to line up with these eternal standards.

Today, God still is a God of mercy, compassion, and love. He is ready to forgive your sins, if you confess them to Him. But also remember that He is holy. He cannot compromise His principles and standards. Make sure you line up your life with His Word. This is His plumb line in your life. Stay faithful to His Word. It always is true.