God’s Plans and Purposes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God’s people were surrounded. There seemed to be little hope. Micah described how many nations would be “assembled against” them (v. 11), eager to accomplish their purposes. These nations would act with confidence—certain that they would be successful, sure that God’s people were vulnerable.

But these nations did “not know the thoughts of the LORD.” They didn’t “understand his plan” (NIV). In fact, they didn’t realize how little they really knew. Their conclusions might have seemed logical. They might have thought that they had superior weapons and resources, that their plans were foolproof, that their victory would be inevitable.

But they had neglected to consider God. He hadn’t factored into their worldview or their plans.

How easily anyone can be like those ancient nations: The armies and generals who seek to dominate with their weapons, politicians who fight for control, mighty corporations accumulating their assets, terrorists who seek to spread fear with their threats, proud celebrities who seek to shape the thoughts of society to conform to their biases.

Even Believers can forget God and approach life as if He were not present—as if they were forced to make decisions on their own, fight their own battles, and struggle through life. But everything changes when we start with God—when He is not an afterthought, but the center of our lives.

Today, dedicate yourself to serving God. Fill your mind and heart with His Word, and make it a priority to develop a more intimate relationship with Him. Ask Him to give you His wisdom and His perspective on the world. Let Him give you His peace so you can move forward with boldness and confidence, freed from fear and worry. Believe Him for victory in every area of your life!