God’s Plan for You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As hard as it may seem to believe, the most comprehensive dictionary of the English language largely was the work of a man without a college education: James Murray.

In 1874, Murray was named editor of what became known as the Oxford English Dictionary. Some felt that he was the ideal person for this massive project, but he still faced opposition and many obstacles. In the end, he achieved this overwhelming task.

In a letter he wrote to Lord Bryce in December 1903, Murray identified the key to his success: “I think it was God’s will.” This became clearer as he looked back on his life. I “see that every step of my life has been as if it were imposed upon me – not a thing of choice.” He realized how God specifically had trained him for this project and prepared him in unique ways.

He came to have “a firm belief that I am doing what God has fitted me for, and so made my duty.” He hoped that God would strengthen him “to see the end of it.”

Murray also recognized that he only was “an instrument, only the means that He has provided, and there is no credit due to me, except that of trying to do my duty.” And in the end, he gave the glory to God.

Today, remember that God has a special calling on your life. He has uniquely prepared you to accomplish a specific work. To the world, your path may not seem to be logical and you may face obstacles and challenges. But you need to believe Him and be faithful and obedient to His call. Trust in Him. Let Him direct your steps.