God’s Messengers

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The people of God have a special responsibility. We may look like other people and share the same human nature. But we are set apart because of our relationship with the Lord. We are His representatives, the vessels through whom He speaks, citizens of His Kingdom, disciples of Jesus.

This means we must be careful about our words and actions. Because we are identified with Him, we face special scrutiny. Others examine our lives, wondering what we will do and say. We also face the scrutiny of God Himself. He honors faithful representatives, but warns and disciplines those who are not.

To this end, Malachi reminded the priests that they were God’s messengers. A leader is expected to live in such a way that others “should seek instruction from his mouth.” When they spoke, others should sense God-inspired revelation and God-centered wisdom.

But some were poor representatives. They had “turned aside from the way” and “caused many to stumble.” They had been “showing partiality,” acting in ways that would benefit themselves. To God, these actions were intolerable, and He warned that they would face judgment.

Yet God also revealed how much He wanted to bless them. He wanted to open “the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.” But these blessings only were possible for those who submitted their lives to Him, served Him faithfully, and brought “the whole tithe into the storehouse” (3:10).

Today, remember that you are God’s representative. Seek to be a faithful servant, a worthy representative, and a true example of His Kingdom.