God’s Heart

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Saul faced a major crisis. The Philistines were readying an attack and people throughout Israel were panicking. They looked to Saul, their new king, for deliverance and reassurance. This was a time for Saul to demonstrate his true character.

Seeking a word from God, Saul approached the prophet Samuel, probably hoping for something dramatic and definitive. Instead, Samuel directed the king to wait seven days, only promising at that time to make an offering to God.

Saul waited. But on that seventh day, Samuel still hadn’t arrived. Saul decided that he had waited long enough and conducted the sacrifice himself. As soon as it was concluded, Samuel arrived.

Saul probably thought he had acted in an understandable way. But in God’s sight, he had failed the test, and proven himself unworthy to be the king. God wanted someone who had a heart like His own, with the same concerns, and priorities. The same goals and objectives.

Here we have important clues for what it means to have a heart pleasing to God. This means showing a willingness to obey Him in every kind of situation. This means seeking His will and doing it, even if we don’t understand. And this means being willing to wait for His timing, continually sensitive to His leading.

The Bible reminds us how easily we can draw the wrong conclusions. To take for granted that we know His will. But, if we want to have a heart like God’s, we need to be sensitive to His leading. To be committed to know His Word and seek His direction. To wait for Him, and listen. To understand His priorities. To surrender our lives to Him, continually seeking to be His servants.