Godly Wisdom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The battle of Waterloo, fought on this day in 1815 near the town of Waterloo, Belgium, was a monumental moment in human history. In this battle, the forces of the French Empire (under Napoleon Bonaparte) were defeated by a coalition of forces. Among the commanders of the victorious army, particularly noteworthy was the English General, the Duke of Wellington.

Prior to this battle, the French army had seemed invincible. How then had Wellington and his allies been victorious?

Recently, two German political scientists examined this and 624 other battles to determine how much influence each of several key factors had on the outcome. Previous to this study, some speculated that the keys to the Waterloo victory might have been superior training or technology, or the element of surprise. But this study concluded that the most important factor was superior leadership.

Wellington had the wisdom, insight, and good judgment that was critical for victory. He was so important that, according to this study, if he had not commanded the British forces that day, Napoleon “would have had a 79 percent chance of winning.”

Clearly, real wisdom and skilled leadership can make a major difference in the battlefields of life. But Believers have access to something far more powerful than human wisdom, battlefield experience, or human leadership skills. We can seek God for His wisdom. We can fill our lives with His Word and live according to His principles.

Today, do you have important decisions to make? Do you face problems that seem impossible to solve? Do you need wisdom? Start by filling your mind with God’s Word. Live in obedience to His principles. Pray, and cry out for the wisdom you need. Surrender your life to Him. Seek to become more sensitive to His Holy Spirit.