Godly Labor

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Am I being treated fairly?” “Am I being paid enough?” “Am I overworked?” “Do I get the credit I deserve?” These questions are asked by workers in every kind of job. These concerns seem natural, but the Bible urges us to have a different perspective.

The context is a letter Paul wrote to Believers in Ephesus. They lived in the Roman culture, where slavery was considered normal. Paul wanted Christians to know the right attitude toward work and life, even in that culture.

In fact, we are to look at our labor from a strictly spiritual dimension, working “with enthusiasm,” always seeking to do “the will of God with all your heart.” Doing our best, even if no one notices.

Some workers resent or dislike their bosses. But Paul said that, instead, we should respect them, and seek to please them “all the time,” with a sincerity that comes from our hearts, without any ulterior motives. In fact, we are to approach any supervisor in the same way we approach Jesus, with humility.

Regardless of how other people may act, Christians are to be different. For we are God’s witnesses, seeking first His Kingdom. Our goal is to serve Him, do His will, and be a good example. We are to remember that He knows our hearts. And we should seek to please Him with what we do in every situation.

What is your attitude toward others? Your church? Your family? Your labor? Your life?