God Prepares the Way

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The spies Joshua sent into the Promised Land must have been astonished. They knew that many Israelites were afraid, apprehensive, about the challenges ahead of them. Some doubted that victory was possible.

But, then, Rahab told them that even the thought of the Israelites filled the people of Jericho with terror. In fact, they believed that God already had given them into Israel’s hand! They were so afraid that they felt incapable of even facing the Israelites, as if they were “melting” away before them.

Why were they so afraid?

The fact was that these people had heard what God had done for the Israelites. As they faced unknowns and the uncertainty of the wilderness, the Israelites had grumbled and become discouraged. But they did not know that the people across the Jordan also were discouraged.

They did not realize that God had gone before them, and already prepared the way for victory. They saw strong adversaries, but God had already put fear in the hearts of those who opposed them. The impact was so great that these people were still “discouraged” forty years after the exodus from Egypt! God had placed a sign upon His people.

So often we look at problems from our subjective perspective. We easily can become discouraged or afraid. These are moments to renew our confidence in God. To trust Him. To know that He has prepared the way and gone before us. We simply need to believe Him, and move forward by faith.

Don’t be afraid of other people or situations. Remember, you serve Almighty God.