God Fights for You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many in Jerusalem welcomed the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the signs and wonders that believers performed through His power. But the religious establishment was not pleased, and arrested Peter and John.

As these leaders debated a response to these events, one of their members, a respected teacher named Gamaliel, pointed out that, in many ways, their opinions did not matter. What really counted was God’s perspective.

If the actions of men like Peter and John were not “of God,” they could not succeed. Their message only would have been their personal opinions. Their impact would have been limited to their own abilities.

But, as events were to prove, their labor was of God. Therefore, as Gamaliel predicted, God blessed and prospered them. Trusting in their own power and abilities, they would have failed. But God was on their side. Trusting in Him, they were victorious.

Today, remember that many in the world are critical of the Christian faith and reject the Bible. Devoted to their own agenda, they are bold to ridicule and belittle believers. They spread doubt and urge a lifestyle contrary to the Scriptures.

Faced with the weight of this opposition, you might feel pressured to conform to this way of thinking. That is why you need to be confident about your faith and your relationship with God. Sure about the reality that Jesus has changed your life. Filled with the transforming power of the Spirit.

As you face challenges, tests, and temptations, make sure that you commit these situations to God. Be sure you are obeying His Word. Always seek first His Kingdom. Let Him take away your doubts and burdens, and replace your worries with peace. Remember, He is on your side. He is fighting for you!