May 14, 2023


Daily Devotional2 Minutes

“Whenever the LORD raised up judges for them, the LORD was with the judge … whenever the judge died, they turned back and were more corrupt than their fathers … They did not drop any of their practices or their stubborn ways.”—Judges 2:18–19 ESV

It is a pattern repeated throughout the Bible and throughout history, generation after generation. There seems to be something about us that craves independence. We desire to do things our own way. It seems natural to resist the advice of earlier generations, particularly our parents.

We see this when the Israelites were conquering the land. God had given them clear directions. They were not to tolerate the presence of people who occupied the land, for they would corrupt their faith and lead them away from God.

The path to success was clear. They were to serve God, focus on Him, keep His commandments, and not follow the corrupt influences of the people in the land. If they did these things, He promised to protect them, provide for them, and bless their efforts. But if they failed to do these things, they would experience the consequences, including struggle, failure, and opposition.

The Israelites tried to teach these principles to the next generation. But instead of learning from these experiences, they seemed determined to do what they wanted. In fact, they “were more corrupt than their fathers.”

The Bible is filled with warnings to learn from earlier generations. God designed each of us to be blessed as we apply His principles.

Ask God to help you evaluate your attitude, particularly toward your parents. Seek to be a good listener. Be humble and submissive. Learn from previous generations.

Reflection Question: What have you learned from your parents and grandparents?

Father, help me to learn the lessons You taught previous generations. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading
Judges 2