Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To our modern minds, the idea of being a gatekeeper can sound insignificant. It almost seems demeaning. What could be less important than merely watching a gate? Could this possibly be difficult or demanding? But the Bible tells us that the gatekeepers were important people with critical assignments.

We see their importance when Jehoiada, the high priest, began cleansing the land of the influence of the evil Queen Athaliah. He installed Joash as king and sought to remove all idol worship. Under his leadership, “all the people went to the house of Baal and tore it down, and they broke in pieces his altars and his images” (v. 17).

As part of this commitment, Jehoiada sought to assure that the people obeyed God’s laws and that the Temple remained pure and undefiled. This meant he needed to recruit people whom he could trust to guard the Temple gates as his watchmen.

These people had to have discernment and be sensitive to the things of God. They had to be bold and courageous, willing to stand up to anyone whom they felt should not enter.

Today, remember that there are no insignificant assignments in God’s Kingdom. You have an important role to play. You have been given unique gifts and resources. God has a special call on your life. Seek to be faithful in every task. Work as unto Him. Give your all in whatever He calls you to do. Commit your life to serving Him faithfully.