Frozen With Fear

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Can we imagine the pressure Esther felt? All Jews were soon to be killed…unless a miracle took place, and the burden was on her. The Greek text of this story (found in the Septuagint—the translation used throughout New Testament times) describes her depth of despair—how she pleaded with God, feeling inadequate, filled with uncertainty and fear.

She knew that other Jews had been praying and fasting, but when the time came to approach the king, she still lacked confidence. Yet she approached the king “radiant with perfect beauty,” even as “her heart was frozen with fear.”

Fear intensified as she saw the king “clothed in the full array of his majesty, all covered with gold and precious stones.” To Esther, he was “most terrifying,” and he initially reacted with “fierce anger.” At this reaction, Esther “turned pale and faint, and collapsed.”

At that moment, God “changed the spirit of the king to gentleness.” He raced to Esther and told her, “Take courage.” Her humility had made a difference (Esther 15:5-15 NRSV Greek).

In the end, “she obtained favor” in the sight of the king. Miracles took place. As events unfolded, God blessed her. Haman’s plot was exposed. Her people were saved. But Esther knew she had been successful only because of God’s blessing and because she’d moved forward in obedience and faith.

As you approach challenges, you may feel inadequate, anxious, or afraid. In these moments, remember Esther’s example. Don’t be paralyzed with fear. Commit your needs to God. Trust Him. Move forward by faith, confident in Him.