The Formula for Success

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Joshua’s life could have defined “success.” He had led his people to victory. They had overcome every obstacle and taken possession of the Promised Land. Every need had been supplied. Joshua accomplished everything God had called him to do, and the Lord “had given rest to Israel from all their enemies on every side” (v. 1).

As he approached the end of his life, Joshua felt compelled to share the secret of his success. He wanted others to achieve this same success in their own lives.

First, Joshua stressed an unwavering commitment to God’s Word. We must be “very firm” and put it into practice, not just know about it. Second, we must realize that the world will assault us with temptations, luring us toward traps and false promises. Joshua warned that we must not compromise, but “cling to the LORD your God.” This means developing an intimate, personal relationship with Him.

Joshua wanted us to realize that, with God on our side, “no man has stood before you to this day.” He pointed out that God had multiplied the efforts of His people. They never were outnumbered, for “one of your men puts to flight a thousand”…He “fights for you, just as He promised you.” God had been faithful to His Word.

Do you want to be successful? Follow Joshua’s advice: Obey God and His Word, fully and completely. Do not compromise or follow the world around you. Seek an intimate relationship with the Lord. And, in every situation, trust in Him. Be full of faith, unwavering, bold, and confident.