Forgetting God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a moment few believed ever would happen. For centuries, Rome had dominated the Western world. They had faced adversity, but always emerged victorious. They seemed to have the best of everything.

But gradually Rome became complacent, weak, and vulnerable. Finally, on this day in 476 AD, the Germanic Heruli tribe marched into Rome, where they were met with little resistance. The few Roman troops that remained in the city fled at the sight of these “barbarians.” The emperor already had gone into exile. Although Rome would adapt and remain influential in other ways, this effectively marked the end of the Roman Empire.

Throughout time, other nations have achieved a comparable level of dominance. They have become proud and defiant, with powerful armies and seemingly unlimited advantages. In business, massive corporations have appeared to be invincible. Champions in many arenas have seemed unchallengeable.

But history shows that nothing on this earth lasts forever. Eventually the mighty fall, one after the other.

The Bible is filled with warnings related to this pattern. God knows how easily we can be tempted by worldly power, how we can be intimidated by people and organizations that seem dominant, how we can be corrupted by pride and even forget God.

The Israelites were warned about the consequences of forgetting the Lord and depending on themselves. Sadly, history is filled with the accounts of peoples and nations that have been guilty of this kind of pride and complacency. We can see the tragic results of ignoring God and His Word, and of taking His blessings for granted.

Today, humble yourself before God. Remember all that He has done for you. Commit your life to Him. Also pray for your country and its leaders. Pray for revival.