Fools for Christ

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ayn Rand had no time for religion. In particular, she despised Christianity, while celebrating “the concept of man as a heroic being.” For her, reason was the “only absolute.” Real virtue meant standing alone, being strong and independent.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on this day in 1905, she decided to become a writer at an early age. In 1925, as her family suffered the consequences of Russia’s Communist revolution, she traveled to the United States and stayed.

In America, she worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood, but achieved her greatest success as a novelist. Her books featured colorful characters and provocative story lines, and also were filled with her ideas about politics, relationships, and life.

Demonstrating her influence, a prestigious survey in 1991 revealed that her novel, Atlas Shrugged, was second only to the Bible in its influence on the lives of Americans. In another survey, her novels were named four of the top eight books of the twentieth century!

Her influence still is felt today, and many share her worldview. They look at Christianity as a doctrine of weakness and feel that Christians are foolish.

The apostle Paul encountered people who thought Christians were fools—people who considered themselves “wise,” and rejected the Gospel. However, Paul knew that the key to God’s wisdom was simple faith—trusting in Him, daring to believe, willing to become “foolish,” having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This was the kind of faith Jesus praised when He spoke about how the Father had hidden deep things “from the wise and intelligent” and “revealed them to infants” (Luke 10:21).

In your life, remember that faith opens the door to God’s riches. Be willing to become a fool for Christ. Dare to believe!