Focused & Not Distracted

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God’s people in Jerusalem had become distracted. Intimated by the taunts and threats of their adversaries, they had become confused. In this environment of fear, Nehemiah led them in a strategy that was both spiritual and practical.

First, they prayed and sought God’s help, committing their crisis to Him. Responding to their prayers, He gave them the right perspective and strategy. But they didn’t stop with a strictly spiritual approach. Part of His guidance was that they set watches that guarded them “day and night.”

As they employed this strategy, the plans of their enemies were frustrated. They were able to stay focused and not be distracted by taunts and criticism. Every time they were threatened, they followed a similar pattern. The work went on as they remained vigilant, even having weapons in one hand, while working with the other. And so the wall was completed.

In our lives, we can experience many kinds of attacks and distractions. People may threaten us, question our goals, or taunt us for the things we do or believe. If these things happen, we just need to remember Nehemiah.

In your life, remember the importance of having a clear vision of God’s call on your life. What has He called you to do? What resources has He given you? Then focus on completing your assignments and being a good steward of His resources.

Don’t be distracted or intimidated by threats or criticism. Don’t be discouraged if you face obstacles. Stay focused and determined, always being faithful, trusting Him for guidance, protection, and blessing.