Fixing Our Hope

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What did it mean to become a Christian? For many first century Believers, it meant being rejected by their family and friends. Surrounded by a pagan culture, they were accused of being atheists. They were called disloyal and blamed for calamities. They were accused of cannibalism and other crimes. Many were persecuted and even martyred.

Yet thousands still came to salvation. As the Gospel spread, they needed to know how to live in such perpetually unsettled circumstances. Paul taught that it was important to be “a good servant of Christ Jesus,” anchored in God’s Word and in “sound doctrine” (v. 6).

Christians also needed to realize that the world was filled with “fables” (v. 7). These widely accepted stories fostered a belief structure that was hostile to Christianity. They were to “have nothing to do” with such fables. Rather, they were to embrace a lifestyle of discipline and focus on being more Godly—more like Christ.

This discipline was important not only for “the present life,” but also for “the life to come” (v. 8). It would give them perspective and the focus they needed. Finally, they were to fix their hope on the living God—not on the political or economic systems, not on governments or resources, not on their personal achievements or recognition. No…only on God!

Today, we live in a world saturated with ideas. We also live in turbulent times. Many reject the Gospel and ridicule Believers. They spread confusing doctrines that undermine our faith. They attack anyone who stands for the Kingdom of God. In the flesh, the future can seem dark and uncertain.

No matter what you go through, don’t feel discouraged. Instead, seek to live a Godly life. Be disciplined, and fix your hope on God. Trust Him. Obey His Word. Have faith.